Travis Wheeler

32 Campus Dr
Social Sciences Bldg. Room 412
Missoula MT 59812
Curriculum Vitae


My group develops methods in computational biology, with an emphasis on sequence analysis - (1) development of algorithms that increase the speed and power of homology search using profile hidden Markov models, (2) implementation of those methods in the highly-used HMMER homology search toolkit, and (3) application of these methods to biology-motivated topics, especially those involving transposable elements and regulatory elements.

The lab has open positions for motivated postdocs and PhD students. Please drop me a line if you'd like to discuss possibilities.

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Department of Computer Science (Assistant Professor)
Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology (Associated Faculty)
LBNL / Joint Genome Institute (Affiliate)


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Bill Arndt (Joint with Kjiersten Fagnan at JGI/NERSC)
HMMER vectorization
PhD students
Walt Shands (Computer Science)
Translated search in HMMER
Masters students
Alex Nord (Computer Science)
Sequence search in HMMER (esp. seed-based acceleration, spaced seeds)
Undergraduate students
Eric Wall (Biology / Computer Science)
Conserved non-coding elements

Gilia Patterson (Biology)
Transposable element annotation

Michel Wan Der Maas Soares (Computer Science)
Fast phylogeny inference

Emily Cheroske (Computer Science)
Homology search - seed-based acceleration of protein search
High school students
Joyce Liu
Sequence alignment guide trees


CSCI 323 (Design and Analysis of Algorithms)
Spring 2016
CSCI 480 / CSCI 580 (Applied Parallel Computing)
Spring 2016
CSCI 451 / CSCI 558 (Computational Biology / Bioinformatics)
Fall 2015
Contact me if you wish to see material from past classes.


The Dfam Database of Repetitive DNA Families (2015) [link]
Hubley, R., Finn, R.D., Clements, J., Eddy, S.R., Jones, T.A., Bao, W., Smit, A.F.A, and Wheeler, T.J. Nucleic Acids Research 46:gkv1272.
A call for benchmarking transposable element annotation methods. (2015) [link]
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HMMER web server: 2015 update. (2015) [link]
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Skylign: a tool for creating informative, interactive logos representing sequence alignments and profile hidden Markov models. (2014) [link]
Wheeler, T.J., Clements, J., and Finn, R.D. BMC Bioinformatics, 15:7.
Distinguished as a “Highly Accessed Article”.
nhmmer: DNA homology search with profile HMMs. (2013) [link]
Wheeler, T.J., Eddy, S.R. Bioinformatics, 29(19):2487–2489.
(doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt403)
In the top 20 most-read Bioinformatics articles during September 2013.
Dfam: a database of repetitive DNA based on profile hidden Markov models. (2013) [link]
Wheeler, T.J., Clements, J., Eddy, S.R., Hubley, R., Jones, T.A., Jurka, J., Smit, A.F.A, and Finn, R.D. Nucleic Acids Research 41:D70–D82.
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Selected as an NAR Featured Article.
Estimating the accuracy of multiple alignments and its use in parameter advising. (2012) [link]
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Aligning protein sequences with predicted secondary structure. (2010) [link]
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Selected as a "recommended read" for Faculty of 1000 Biology.
Efficient construction of accurate multiple alignments and large-scale phylogenies. (2009) [link]
Wheeler, T.J.
Ph.D. dissertation
Department of Computer Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.
Large-scale neighbor-joining with NINJA. (2009) [link, preprint]
Wheeler, T.J. Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics (WABI), 375-389.
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Software and databases

Skylign Logo server [link]
A tool for creating informative, interactive logos representing sequence alignments and profile hidden Markov models.
Wheeler, T.J., Clements, J., Finn, R.D.
HMMER webserver, and HMMER3.1 [link]
Biological sequence analysis using profile hidden Markov models.
Eddy, S.R. and Wheeler, T.J.
nhmmer [link] (within HMMER3.1)
A DNA-DNA sequence homology search tool based on profile hidden Markov models, in the HMMER3 framework.
Wheeler, T.J. and Eddy, S.R.
Dfam [link]
A Database of Repetitive DNA Based on Profile Hidden Markov Models.
Wheeler, T.J., Clements, J., Eddy, S.R., Hubley, R., Jones, T.A., Jurka, J., Smit, A.F.A, Finn, R.D.
Ninja [link].
A Mesquite package for fast neighbor-joining phylogeny inference.
Wheeler, T.J. and Maddison, D.R.
NINJA [link]
Software for large-scale neighbor-joining phylogeny inference.
Wheeler ,T.J.
Opalescent [link]
A Mesquite package for multiple sequence alignment.
Wheeler, T.J. and Maddison, D.R.
Opal [link]
Software for multiple sequence alignment by optimally aligning alignments.
Wheeler ,T.J. and Kececioglu. J.D.
Align [link]
A Mesquite package for aligning sequence data.
Maddison, D.R., Wheeler, T.J., and Maddison, W.P.
AlignAlign [link]
Software for optimally aligning alignments.
Starrett, D.M., Wheeler, T.J., and Kececioglu, J.D.
cQC - cDNA Quality Control [link]
A tool for resolving putative sequencing errors in single-pass cDNA, based on genomic sequence.
Hayden, C.A. and Wheeler, T.J.